About Me

Iím proud to call myself an Army Brat. My father was a combat veteran in both WW2 and Korea. When he came home from Korea in 1950 he brought 5 patches with him. Now I have over 6000 patches in my collection.

Growing up on Army Posts I was able to add to my collection from WW2 and Korea War Vets that physically handed me patches from the uniform they wore, and in some cases were actually wearing at the time.

My goal for this web site is to help fellow collectors add to their collections with quality items at reasonable prices. All my item descriptions are as complete as I can make them.

Iíve been in business since 1985 and have set up at dozens of militaria and gun shows in several states.

Please read and become familiar with the abbreviations (shown here) I use as I donít waste your time with long narratives on each item.


Gerry Wilson